About Us

We present a variety of news & information focused on issues of Nepali art & entertainment (cinema, music & various forms of art). The web-magazine formats are diverse including news, information as well as interactive magazine programs. We also produce current issues of Nepali art & entertainment-based video to deliver the messages to the targeted visitor/audience through our official YouTube Channel “Thuloparda TV”

Our productions target audiences as diverse as national youth across Nepal and expatriate communities around the world. We produce a variety of gossip, news, photos, videos, wallpapers, models watch, history as well as Hollywood & Bollywood news & gossip. Currently, our programs are running with consistently high ratings throughout Nepal & across the whole world.

Our creative team is inclusive and diverse including men and women professionals.  Our staff includes professionals from nearly every Nepali ethnic group and religion.  This diversity allows us to consistently produce programming that reaches all of the communities of Nepal and in several regional languages.

We provide broadcast management services to individuals and organizations, helping them to broadcast their programs through the internet/media. In addition, we also work with different organizations. As part of our capacity-building efforts.

In summary, thuloparda.com is Nepal’s leading web magazine with expertise in-

  • All kinds of Nepali art, entertainment & culture’s current updates
  • Nepali art, entertainment & culture’s history
  • Promoting Nepali movies & music
About Thuloparda

Press Council Nepal Reg No.: 22

DOIB Reg No.: 160/073-74

Publisher: Jiwan Kumar Parajuli

Editor: Subrat Raj Acharya

Phone: 9851194755

Email: [email protected]

Address: Anamnagar, 29, Kathmandu

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